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       CI體系 Corporation Identity System

      A long way of undertaking, while each pace is sparking.
      Turn over Sinoconst annals  ──
      Each page, wrote its glory and dream;
      Each section, record its challenge and hope;
      Each line, narrate its devotion and emotion;
      Each sentence, describe its ideal and aspiration.

      From arduous set up in 1950s to the hopeful 21 century:
      boundless 50 years,──

      We wrote outstanding performance in the Republic construction history with huge pen;
        Transient 50 years──

      We welcome the future challenge in the new century with aggressive posture!

      From CMIIC to Sinoconst, enterprise business strategy innovation, marketing field explore and CIS construction, which will open a brand new chapter for Sinoconst development history.

         New century, new image and new development──
      We will walk into market with brave competition posture in complete system, actively

      explore engineering fields, and build a road for company EPC service.

        We will implement enterprise concept, speculate business behavior, set up brand image with continuously enhanced organization construction, and determine international, collectivization and diversification directions for Sinoconst.

       We will build specific modern enterprise system with sustainable mechanism reform; pump life into enterprise overflowing development with better corresponding market economy mechanism.

      We know that

        When the world set foot on the new century stage, only self-renewal can be the leading role of world’s attention, thus, we have to make hundredfold efforts;

      We understard that:
        When China enters into the WTO big family, only self-reliant can be the master in strengthening back, therefore, we have to go all out to struggle。


      Faced the new historical phase and market environment, concepts mode, behaviors rule and visual image system compiled and verified in CIS strategy, their overall implements will be the solid base for us to enter new century, shape new image and achieve new development.

           Sincerely service humankind, wholeheartedly build future──
             We publicize declaration with core concept: develop business with outstanding performance, advocate civilization with brand culture!

          Respect, innovation, surpass and devotion──
          We positively declare in spirit concepts: offer efficient service with high-quality team, build excellent project with efficient service, develop beneficial enterprise with excellent projects!

          Diligently manage, sustainable improve, create outstanding project and ensure client’s satisfaction──
           We make guarantee in quality concept: ensure generation project quality in honor of 50 years glory history reputation!

          Discover and meet clients’ needs──
           We holy promise in service concept: gain your satisfaction through our sustainable efforts!
           Our glory sign will exist everywhere, SINOCONST will become the reputation symbol for the group—its dense structure, erected central monument, strength character “1”, aggressive breakthrough imagination, none were not suing for:
          Concept of unify together, devote to project construction;
          Trend of open & precise, develop market collectivization;
           Consciousness of break tradition, offer all-around service;
           Pursuit of respect technology & science, promote the well-being of mankind.

           We are full confidence in enterprise future──
      Sinoconst future—will definitely make more contribution to our country and mankind!
      Sinoconst history—will absolutely record proceeding forever republic chapter!


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